Maxima Bags Milano

 Production and wholesale

leather handbags, ladies clothes and accessories


“The magic to live a dream in a trendy, fashinating world, the desire to dress something that make you special and stylish, the passion to wear a high quality, real leather, Made in Italy, prestige handbag. We has always put in our products the best research and quality. Dynamic, active, ready to face the future with a smart philosophy that allow us to be always quickly updated with the fashion trends “
Thanks to our strong experience in the production of  leather handbags and ladies leather accessories, we are able to give our costumers the opportunity to save time, be updated with the last fashion trends quickly and to manage there inventory easily and cheaply. In our wholesale our costumer can find a vaste and always updated choice of real leather, made in Italy, ladies handbags; We have always a stock availability and our leather bags are always ready to be picked up. You have just to choose the colors and quantity you want and your bags will be yours in real time.
The age of long times to get your order ready to be shipped is over! Our production skills allow us to guarantee fast deliveries even in case of specific orders going towards the needs of our costumers  and the lack of time thay usually have. Leather handbags are our history and our passion. We give all our costumer the opportunity to share our journey, we are happy to listen them and to suggest them with the aim of finding the best answers to their desires.
….not only leather bags
To give our costumers even a wider and researched choice we offer, in our wholesale shops, an exclusive range of woman fashion wear, dresses, pants, skirts, knitwear, shoes and accessories. Perfect to be matched with our leather hand bags...and always and exclusively, Made in Italy.
Don't miss the opportunity to be fashionable, come to visit us and discover our world.